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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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tonight, aew proposal in
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congress would force t weeks ofurloughs forederal employees. >> some local teachers and parents are reacting to the possibility of a longer school day. >> street lights turned out on a busy road in an attempt to save some moy. good evening. >> weegin with what doctors are calling a miraculous recovery by congresswoman gabrlle giffords. five days since emergency surgery, today representative giffords yawned, rubd her eyes and moved her legs. her neurosurgeon says miracles happenvery day, but the has been a lot of great medicine to her her to this point. local doctor's roll in this remarkable recovery. >> a d.c. area doctor is among the many who contributed to this moment. e mt touching description comes from new york senator kirsn gil i grand. a close friend in the hospital
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room. >> gaby, gaby open your eyes many you can see the will going from him to her you can do this, and she's struggng, struggling and e opens her eyes, and tn ease almt beyond himlf because he's soexcited. can you see me, can you see me? if you can see me, you know, give me a thumbs up. >> reporte even her doctors are marveling at representative giffords' progre. >> a combinaon perhaps o the unexpected but familiar that really prompted her to open her eyes and look around. reporter: among these who consuld on congresswoman gifd fords dr. james ecklund. >> i got a call just before they went into the orating room in the case from the guys who bacally sai could you help us out? and comeake a look a what we're doing? >> reporter: all of her physians agree just five ds after being sh in the head, the congresswoman couldn't be
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doingny better. >> miraclesappen everyday, and in medicine we like to very much attribute them to either what we to or others do around us, but lot of medicine is ouide of our control and we're wise to acknowledge miracles. >> doctors s the possility of comications like blood clots remain a coern. jiand doreen, back to you. >> jackie benson, thank you jackie. the youngest victim killed the tson shooting was remembered in the first of what will be six emoonal good-bye 2,000 people packe into a tucs church to remember christina taylor green. hundreds me lined the streets. green was born on stember 11, 2001. a flag pd from that tragedy from ground zero draped the door of the church. >> she began her life on 9/11 and she -- her life was ended with a tragedy here in arizona. but there was nine good years in
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the middle. >> feral services for federal judge john roll will b heldn the same church tomorrow. >>more warning signs being uncovered about jared loughner. he called pima college his genocide school and said he had notorgotten the teacher who gave him "b." that triggered a suspension. teachers and fbi agents left t crime scene today. it's up tohe safeway store when that store will reopen. in maryld today, the fbi cleared a mail facility where suspicious herself were found this afternoon. they had no explosive devices o hazardous material. they contained ippropriate communications directed toward members of congress. there waso directhreat of harm to any lawmakers or staff.
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the leers were not linked to letters that ignited in d.c. and ryland last week. wiki leaks made good on the promise to payhe legal fees suspected whistleblower. bradley manning was arrested for allegedly leaking classified information to the wikileaks site. faces spying crge and is beg held at a mility prison in quantico, virginia. a congressman from colorado n want to furlough federal workers to help cut the federal budget. mike coughman introduced the machine today. he's proposing a two-week rlough for feder civilian employees in 2012. coughmanlso wants to reduce congressional members' salaries 10%. that would save taxpayers $5.5 billion. coughman says the federal government should be jt as
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cost conscious as states that are making big budget cuts. in the first 13 days of thi year, 13 people have been killed in prince georgecounty ifhat pace continues, the county would rpass its homice count for al of last year by april. the violences on everyone's mind, and lice want to make sure ty are doing everything they can to stop it. dorothy spencer joins us liv with details on the n man in prince georges county. dorothy. >> doreen, tonight federal agents are helping in prince orges county to get this olence under control. >> littleit's a little ala unnerving. >> the firortunaof the year has brought 13 killings so far. >> it'like wildfire if we don't something serious about is, i would hate to see this gelt worse. >> the interim pole chief is calling the feds to help. detectives from the f are
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beefing up the homicide ranks. lice from the municipalities are also helping. there are 135 additional officers on the streets. >> this sends a definite message tohese community, but also to the people who comeere and do wrong, that wre unified and you're not going to be able to do it here. >> at roll call, major josep mcca told them to make stops, make arrests and bring t rise in homicides to a stop. >> we don't want a return to a culte of violence. want to do whatever it takes to tap that down. >>he police said that t department h seen these spikes in violence before ande's focused on getting drugs a guns off the street. >> a tough time,hallenging for this community. challenging for the police department. but together we can solve these problems. >> reporter: pole officials say they have the extra help, at least until the murder streak ends. now a community wts for the violence to stop.
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>> so far, so good. it's a good plan. a good plan. we'll have to see how the resus come t. >> policeere are also working very closely with the u.s. attorney's office. chances are, someone arrested for a gun crime mig end up not in the county jail, but in the federal penitentiary. reportg live from palmer parking dorothy spencer,ews 4. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, lawmakers t to force virginia colles and universities to accept more in-state students. a "30 rock" star gets serious about the dange of high blood pressure and the importance of free screenings. ♪ o say can you see >> a sports crowd had to help a yog singer finish the national anthem. veronica, what's aheadn weather? >> the sharp wind looks like it will be leaving the area. st in time, becse mild air will come to visit. how long wil it stick around? dan. maryland's new fooall
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coach has a new offensive coordinator. virginia tech finds a slippery spot on old tobacco road, and th wrong kind of love on the
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parents and teachers of students in the axandria city schools want mor information about a proposal to extend the school day. hool board saysxtra time will hel kids prepare for tests. ey want to add two days to the school calendar, and 30 minutes to each school y. some parts say they are worried about the impact that would have on already busy subcommitte hedules. teachers want to maksure they are compensated. a vote is scheded for next thursday. onelawmakers in virginia wants to change admission rul in the commonwealth schools and community. they want to gnt at least 75%
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of admissions to in-state students. right now, out of state sdents make up 40% of the student body. the plan could backfire. >> you might not only see growth in the number of space f rginians. you might see fewer. the revue that'sunding those students would be eliminated by hang less out of ste tuition coming in. >> a similar bill expanding in-state admissis failed in e past. college and university presidents don't wt lawmaker dictating who was admitted. >>the commute along maryland's ute 100 is going to get a built rker. state highway officials have shut off 75 overhead lights along route 10 in howard county. it'sn effort to save energy and money. highway officials say the number ofights installed originay was above federal standards. they'll stu the changes all year to see how much they can
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save a make sure the is no reduction in safety. still to come on news 4, quick action saved a n's life in the middle of a snowstorm. we'll hear from one of the officers responsible. d a man becomes a millionaire.
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the fooand drug administration announced today it will drastically cut the amount of aseat miacetinophen allowed in over the counter pain dicine. it can be daerous in vicodin and percocet. moreases of liver failure a linked to acetaminoph than anything else in this country. the health and fitness expo will offer free medical screenings that can potentially be life saving.
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recently, a sat down with one actowho wants people to know how serious kidney disease can be, and why eryone should g tested >> how can we educate the world out kidney disease? >> kidneys? >> kid's knees? >> wt do you mean? >> what do you mean? >> 35-year-old griz chapman's job is to make you laug he plays a character, one-half of the duo "griz" and dot-com" on "30 rock." off screen, he's larger than life, literally. almost 7-feet tall and used to getting me attention, but he never imagined one day he'd be using comedy to bngwareness about a serious disease. >> the life-style i was living at the te, i thoug i was tired. so i didn't really thi nothing of it. >> repter: but that exhaustion was actually a sign that his
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kidneys were failing. the result of untreated high bld pressure. >> high blood pressure, it's a lent killer. >> hypertensionnd diabetes are e biggest risk factors. if left untreated, it canurn into kidney failure and patients can be forced to undergo dialysis. george chen university hospit transplant surgeon says the d.c. region has the highest kidney disease te in the nation. >>he most common causes typically dot give symptoms. so patients wi walk around with diseases that they don't knowhat they have for many, many years, and before it could be detected, they will have problems that ty will have for the rest of their lis. >>ith tough. tough all the time. certain days are better than others. >> reporte what's your advice foother people? >> irecommend, regardless if you feelad or good, you know,
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check yourself out regularly, and there's so many different avenues you can take. these programs are free. >> reporter: the rea key to preventing kidney disease is early detection. fr screenings availablet the nbc 4 healthnd fitne ek positive, turday and sunday from 9:00 t 5:00. griz chapman will be at the expo on saturday mornin you can see for yourself just how ta he isn person and griz chapman and anoer actor from "30 rock." tracy morgan, have both had successful kidney transplants recently. we're glad about that, and we wod like some gd weather for the weekend. >> we'll have some. >> great weather for the weekend. could be -- we mentioned during e tease, could be a little wet. phasis on a lile. not worth carrying the rain gear on saturday, and you might b able to get by without the big
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coat on saturday too, butig at, i needed mine this evening. 37 the high. nowhereear 37 w. our average high now this time of the year, 42 degrees. today washe seventh straight day we've been 37 degrees or lder. so it's our longest cold stretch now of the winter. right now, dn to 27 degrees. wind, though, light. northwest at 8 mileser hour. windchill, 19 degrees. look at the neighborhood montgomery county, 23 degrees. a light wind. 20 the wdchill in college pk and one more stop for you, andrew air force base hanging out with a stiff northwest wind at miles per hour. there are light sno showers coming up from lake ontario and lake erie and even lak michig, but this is associated with aow pressure system. milwaukee and chicago getting light snow. that is the system that will head our way for satuay. lo at snow cover all the way down to the south.
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atlanta, still snow on the ground. that hel to make it a little colder today. 26 in atlanta, georgia. 23n wichita. pretty cold. 1 9 degrees in atlanta, georgia that windchill reading. a cold pattern set upver the area. this little fast-moving sysm making i way eastwar as we approach the weekend and there is another storm now in the pacific northwest, this one arrives the early part of next ek. it could mean trouble for us because it's going to arrive before w hit 50. and it ia pattern chang too that we're going to see on tuesday of next week. tuesday, a pattern change will go from 50 into the 30s by the end of the week. back torutal cold for us. the ugly kind of cold w don't like. next 48 hours, in with a mixture of clouds and sunshine tomorrow as high pressure moves east. low pressure system bringing us flurries a sprinkles to the area on saturday f tomorrow
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morning, 17 to21 degrs, i know. awfully cold, isn't it? and less win tomorr. it willeel much better. e weekend is looking pretty quiet. 43 to 40 saturday and sunday. near 40 on sunday ands we get to 50 with that next bigger system it is looking like mostly rainn tuesday. so monday morning we could have some trble. >> all right. we'll stay tuned. thanks, veronica. a cro helped save a little girl's moment on the mike. > in sports, virgini tech and the tar heels down to the
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wh can you say, though? >> what do you say? >> i'm trying get creative th these leads. it happens ove andver. the wizards clos but it only counts in horseshoes and hand grn aids the chance to win thfirst road ip in 2 1/2 mont. up by four late in the fourth quarter, but then cue the fourth quarter implosion. the road losing streak at 19 straight games. wizards - forward kev love pling great. luke ridnour to love. and love throwit down 35 points and 11 rebounds in the game for kevin love. second quarter, aye-darko milicic siting. second pick behind lebronnd
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before carmelo anthony, with a double-double. and rashard lewis up and under. and theizards actually too a one-point lead. fast forward now to the fourth quarr. wizards by one. ku hinrich overo nick yog, and the wizards up by four. young had 15, and the wizards seemingly in good shap but nothi ever as it seems with the wizards. down by five with just ove 2:00, how about a three-ball for vin ve. five threes in the game. wizards outsred 19-3 down the stretch. lose 109-. now 0-19 o the ad. somebody get that man a beverage. college hoops. hokies in chapel hill. this could be the year f virginia tech to make the ncaa tournament. but they have to beat teams like north carolina the tar heel fans in full force
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for thi one. everythingainted blue there. up north carolina, malcolm delaney comes up and pulls up. virginia tech up 20- 8. delaney finisd with 28 in the game. second half, tech down now. laney off the mark. but d.c. native jeff allen to clean it up. and it makes it a two-point game. late in thgame now. clock winding down. delaney with the ball. big-time players step up and this is just in and out for delaney. north carolina, downs virginia tech, 64-6 college football now. no surprise here. heisman tphy quarrback wiing cam newton will go back to school. >> of cose not. >> no, enterg the nfl draft. not a big surise at all. d at maryland, new headoach randy etsel h a new
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coordinator. he is relocating in college park. crotin, offensi coordator with the bears and headoach at byu a few yrs ago. >> i think gary is one of the st innovative a offenve minds and gary has a tremendous amou of experience and a tremdous aunt of success wherever he's been, the head coach ors anssistant coach. runningoffense. and -- and he's the type of guy that, you know, i want our players around >> all right. randy etsel, new maryld coordinator. and now at lsu andow maryland. and a lot of people saying, i don't get that. there were reports that he was not gog back to lsu.
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three police officers are credited witsaving a man's life in bethesda during the snow on tuesday. somebody spotted a man slumped over on a bench on wisconsin avenuend called 911. that's when greg woodman and two other officers showed up and started doing cpr. >> usually this is a busy stretch, but thi happened dung the snowstorm and there were not a lot of people down re. this citizen didn't see him fall, it may have been quite
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some te before somebody noticed. >> the victim is recovering in a local hospital. there is a new millionaire in virginia tonit. his name is jimeno. he won the new year's millionaire raffle. he bough the ticket at a stop in sterling in thanksgiving day. he was born in the philiines and moved to the u.s. more than 20 years ago t make a better life in his family. and he will use t money
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okie fans at an ah game had to sing back when a micropne cut out during the tional anthem. the young lady's name i elizabeth hughes. she has been invited back to sing at another game this season. >> fro"modern family,"


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